Farming is a tough job, which is why we at Datamars put our customers first and design products that genuinely make a measurable difference. We are delighted to announce that two of those products, the S3 Weigh Scale and the S150 Portable Solar Energizer, were winners in the 2019 Best Design Awards, NZ.

The Tru-Test S3 weigh system, which includes the MiHub Data Link phone app and MiHub Livestock, won the prestigious Gold pin. Judges complimented the S3 for its clean lines, clear screen interface and the tactile quality of the front fascia and keypad, which paired to robust load bars and the smartphone app, offers farmers a novel weighing experience.

In the same category (non consumer), the S150 Portable Solar Energizer won a Bronze award.

The Best Design Awards are a well regarded New Zealand institution. Underpinned by The Designers Institute of New Zealand, the awards are an annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product, interactive and motion design.

These accolades are testament to our team’s ability to use good design to deliver a great customer experience. Both products are purposely simple and functional. Of course, they look good too.

You find out more information on the Tru-Test S3 weigh scale at or for details on the S150 portable energiser visit