Datamars Sustainability Foundation

Datamars Sustainability Foundation

The Datamars Sustainability Foundation (DMSF) is a not-for-profit, global organisation established in 2023 by Datamars to help solve the world’s need for sustainable food production.

The drive to establish an independent Foundation embodies Datamars’ dedication to enabling sustainable agriculture on a global scale and stems from the company’s deep understanding of certain agricultural sectors and their respect for all those who live and work on the land.

The world needs farmers more than it ever has. Datamars sees that sustainable agriculture is a critical means to help address major global challenges including hunger and poverty, health and wellbeing and climate change and requires a fully-dedicated, long-term perspective independent from a commercial lens.

The Foundation will leverage the company’s rich 35-year history of innovation and its expertise, while also working with other stakeholders in broader fields in agriculture to advance the sustainability of food production and regenerative farming systems globally.

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