Our journey

Over 30 years ago two companies – Swiss supplier to the watch industry Audemars and Italian identification company Datalogic – joined forces.

Both companies had earned a reputation for meticulous research and development. This genesis in identification technology has, over the subsequent three decades, been the catalyst for an array of world first and best in class innovations in sectors as diverse as agriculture and textile services.

Headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, Datamars’ growth has been built on research and development-based innovation. One example of this is the partnering with animal health companies to create the companion animal identification sector. Other examples include the development of the world’s first RFID tag for textiles known as the LaundryChip™ and the development of an extensive range of animal measurement and health provision services for production animals.

Through carefully selected acquisitions we are expanding our stable of businesses, adding new competencies, increasing our geographic reach and integrating technologies to bring new opportunities to customers.

This expansion includes: the 2012 purchase of Temple Tag – the well recognised animal identification company based in Texas, the 2014 acquisition of Zee Tag – a global leader in animal identification based in New Zealand with operations in the US and Australasia, the acquisition of European companion animal identification business Felixcan in 2016. In 2018 we acquired New Zealand’s Simcro and Tru-Test – adding advanced animal performance monitoring (Tru-Test) and animal health delivery solutions (Simcro) for the benefit of our customers.

Making a measurable difference to sustainability

The world is under huge pressure to be more productive, with less. Our solutions help our customers make best use of scarce resources such as water, feed and land to contribute to more sustainable production.

And as an organization, we take an active approach to clearly understand, monitor and improve the impact we have on communities and the environment.

Environmental, Social and Governance Charter

Datamars is committed to ensuring our environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices deliver a measurable difference for our shareholders, our people, our sectors, our communities and our planet.

Our ESG (environmental, social and governance) action plan is aligned to global recommendations from the United Nations goals and Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). These standards help Datamars to maximize our positive impact on the environment and society, minimize negative impacts associated with climate change and guide our company reporting to ensure the impacts we have are visible to the market.

Our ESG strategy

We take an active and continuous improvement approach to ESG matters as a strategic imperative. Our ESG strategy helps us raise the attention and awareness of the importance of ESG related matters, ensure related compliance and drive broader improvement through the following focus areas;

  1. Our commitment to achieve ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification in all major locations across the group
  2. Understanding the impact of our operations on climate change and taking steps to improve
  3. Creating ways to evaluate the positive impact of our activities on the environment and society and to further improve
  4. Being a responsible citizen and translating that into policies and guidelines for our people.

Our ESG objectives are to:

  • Maximize the positive impact our business has in our sectors, including creating sustainable production, commercial success and improving quality of life
  • Avoid or minimize material negative impacts, including impacts associated with climate change
  • Help realize social and environmental benefits including diversity and inclusion and the advancement of vulnerable populations.

Some of the ways Datamars achieves its ESG objectives are:

Our animal management and health services help ensure the sustainability of animal-based food protein production systems to meet the needs of a growing world population and help producers be productive and maintain their lifestyle.

We are working to understand the impact of our operations on climate change and taking steps to improve, with specific focus on greenhouse gas emissions, water, energy and waste.

We are implementing ISO14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) in all major locations.

We recognize the importance of the communities we are a part of. We actively support local community health, particularly in areas where there are vulnerable populations.

We are active members of collaborative industry groups, such as the IEAT in Thailand where we dedicate time working within and alongside local communities.

We work closely with local governments within developing countries to improve livestock-based food production in low income communities.

We help developing societies, where health and livelihoods are so crucially interlinked, stay protected from disease.

Our global footprint

We’re proudly global yet choose to stay local, where we can be most relevant to, and best serve, our customers.

With around 4000 distributors and end customers in more than 100 countries, success demands that we are on the ground where it counts. This gives us a deep understanding of our markets and the needs of our customers. It provides knowledge, responsiveness and the relationships that help us deliver the products and solutions that make a measurable difference to our customers.

We’ve built a unique team from far and wide.

As a vertically integrated business with a head office in Switzerland and market based operations in over 21 countries we unite people from diverse sectors, backgrounds, countries and professions. This proudly diverse and inclusive culture strengthens our collective abilities to make a measurable difference to the profitability and quality of life of customers, the sustainability of sectors and the future of the environment.

Our global, scalable manufacturing footprint alongside our granular client facing operations worldwide provide a powerful combination.

We have R&D hubs in three locations, production facilities in six locations and sales and marketing hubs in over 24 locations worldwide.

We benefit from a systematic approach to quality and environmental management.

Datamars is committed to continuously monitoring and managing quality and environmental factors throughout our operations so that we can identify areas for improvement.
Our entities follow the highest standards required by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS)  and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certifications.
These global standards provide a framework for policies and procedures that include all legal, physical and technical controls involved in our quality and environmental management processes. Our recognized management systems, as well as our excellence in execution, helps ensure outstanding quality results in all areas of our business as well as supports our objective of minimising material negative impacts, including impacts associated with climate change.
We are committed to taking an active and continuous improvement approach to our administration systems to guarantee product safety, prevent quality incidents, ensure the health and safety of our staff and understand and reduce environmental impacts.
As part of our overall commitment to sustainability, we are on the journey to make all major Datamars sites ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certified.

See below the certifications received by our sites:

Datamars SA (Global Headquarters)

Via Industria 16
6814 Lamone, Switzerland

Datamars Slovakia s.r.o

Dolné Hony 6,
949 01 Nitra, Slovak Republic

Datamars Italy Srl

Via Olona 5/A
27014 Corteolona e Genzone (PV), Italy

Datamars France SAS

ZA du champs des Cannes
Route de Seurre
21200 Beaune, France

Datamars Inc.

1110 Industrial Boulevard
Temple, TX 76504, United States

Datamars Limited

25 Carbine Rd, Mount Wellington
Auckland 1060, New Zealand

Datamars (Simcro Ltd.)

13 Kaimiro Street
Hamilton 3200, New Zealand

Datamars Australia Pty Ltd

15 Depot Street, Banyo
Brisbane QLD 4014, Australia

Datamars (Thailand) Ltd.

76/4 Moo 4, T. Banklang, A. Muang
Lamphun, Thailand 51000

Datamars Iberica, S.L.U.

Poligono Industrial Romica
Calle 1 Parcela 200
02080 Albacete, Spain