Livestock management and animal health delivery solutions

Meeting both the world’s demand for protein and the environmental challenges we face requires ever greater animal productivity, product traceability, animal welfare and environmental sensitivity.

Datamars is committed to providing this by integrating various livestock management systems into seamless solutions.

Achieving this means making full use of our deep expertise in farm infrastructure, animal identification, weight based individual animal performance systems, data platforms and insight tools.

Applied individually these solutions are valuable. Integrated and readily usable, they are invaluable.

They will allow farmers and producers to, among other things, manage input costs, detect disease early, provide optimum levels of feed and nutrition to individual animals and maximise returns without needing significant technical expertise.

Monitoring each animal and using key weight based data means no longer needing to rely on averages or assessments by eye. Individualised data on anything from animal health needs to feed use, weight gain and animal behaviour can then also be fed via the cloud to key stakeholders – geneticists, feed and animal remedy suppliers, for example – to assist even further with on-farm decision making.

As with everything we do, it means creating more opportunity for customers by linking the various parts of their value chain for better, more timely and profitable decisions

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Electric fence




Livestock identification

RFID, visual, UHF, and tissue sampling ear tags



Livestock performance

Plate meters

Milk meters

Weighing systems

Drafters / Sorting gates

Cloud software


Data services

Technical support


Needle guarded

Dual barrelled

Tube fed and bottle mounted

Semiautomatic repeaters



Topical pour on

Oral drenchers

Bolus applicators


Speciality packaging


Closure and dispensing caps

Upright draw offs

Injectable draw offs