Textile identification

As the scale of the industrial laundry and rental garment segments grow, so does the demand for automation, increased knowledge, inventory control and precision asset management.

Managing large volumes of textiles efficiently while knowing, at any given moment, how many units are in circulation, where each unit is, how many are processed per day, how long they last and why is key to enabling greater automation and measurably improving the service levels and profitability of textile businesses.

Our solutions support the traceability and management of work wear, flat linen, cleaning materials and private wear across industrial, healthcare, hospitality and elderly care sectors.

Our global leadership in textile identification started over 30 years go with the invention of the LaundryChipTM, the first RFID transponder specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the industrial laundry sector. Ongoing innovation has continued.

We have more than 10,000 installations across 40 countries and more than 250 million tags in use.

Our brand

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Our solution

RFID transponders (tags)

UHF, HF, and LF transponders (LaundrychipsTM)
Versions: sewable, in sewable pouch, heat-sealable
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and MR conditional certified

Reading systems (readers and antennas)

UHF portals


Conveyor systems


Table tops

Combo systems UHF-HF-LF


Bespoke UHF software layer for UHF readers and reading systems