At Datamars, we believe information is the way to a better, more sustainable world.
We are dedicated to encouraging the use of data to help customers make more sense of what they do and find better ways of doing it.
  • To make better, more profitable decisions.
  • To reduce their impact on the environment.
  • To advance their quality of life.

How do we make a measurable difference? For some, this comes from measuring individual animal performance to maximise animal wellbeing and commercial value. For others it’s from meeting the health needs and achieving the productive potential of each animal through highly targeted health treatments. For yet others it’s in technology that allows a straying companion animal to be quickly reunited with its human family. And if you’re in the textile service industry it’s likely to be in advanced asset management technology for more efficient production and better customer service.

Our purpose

To make a measurable difference.

Our vision

To be world leaders in the harnessing of data
to measurably improve productivity and quality of life.

Our business

We deliver integrated product solutions in livestock management,
animal health delivery, pet identification and reunification and textile identification.