Lugano, Switzerland, April 2012 – Datamars, leader of high performance RFID-based solutions for animal and textile identification, announced today its latest development in the field of livestock identification devices: the F310 reader.

The F310 is a stationary unit with exceptional reading performances. The F310 is compatible with both FDX-B and HDX transponders in accordance to ISO Standards 11784/5 and 11784-AMD1. “The F310 is suitable for reading of animals on the move. Compared to its predecessor, the new F310 is not only smaller and lighter, but has been developed to ensure the best performance in every field conditions” says Dr. Vet. Daniela Andreoni, Sales Director at Datamars Italia. Thanks to its integrated battery the F310 allows long working sessions in the field and can store more than 2.000.000 electronic identification codes. Data can be transferred to PC via Bluetooth, USB or RS232. The F310 can be connected to other F310 readers to operate in a synchronised mode without any interference.

Datamars, a fully vertically integrated supplier of RFID systems, develops, produces and sells all its products for livestock identification, electronic and visual ear tags, readers and antennas. With the presentation of this new reader, Datamars confirms its drive for continuous product innovation for its selected core markets.