It was a real highlight to see our Datamars Hamilton team recognised with the Skills Highway award at the Diversity Awards NZ 2019, which celebrate organisations championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The awards are held by Diversity Works New Zealand, the national body for workplace diversity.

The Skills Highway award goes to an organisation that is proactive in recognising the importance of numeracy and literacy. Datamars Hamilton partnered with Edvance Workplace Education in 2018 to develop and deliver Foundations of Learning, a programme tailor-made to empower employees with English as a second language; in verbal communication, reading and writing, critical thinking, working with others and team management.

Judges of the awards were seeking initiatives that were sustainable, impacted a significant proportion of an organisation’s workforce and offered long-term benefits.

It’s great to see a Datamars team being recognised for excellence in one of our key principles of success; believing in and supporting our people.

We also acknowledge the input of the New Zealand Government, who made the programme possible with funding from New Zealand’s Tertiary Education Commission.