Datamars is pleased to announce that in September Datamars Thailand received the ISO14001:2015 certification, making it the fourth Datamars site to do so.

Thailand joins Datamars Spain, Switzerland and Slovakia which also hold the certification, and is a significant achievement for Datamars – one that demonstrates its ongoing commitment to avoiding or minimising any negative impact that its operations have on the environment, including those associated with climate change.

“We are incredibly proud of our Thailand team. This is an important step in Datamars’ continuing environmental journey and towards achieving our goal of having all Datamars sites ISO14001 Environmental Management System certified”, says Datamars CEO, Daniele Della Libera.

ISO14001:2015 is considered international best practice. It specifies the requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS) and provides a framework that an organization can follow.

To achieve the ISO14001 standard, sites need to consider all relevant environmental issues, such as air pollution, water and sewage issues, waste management, soil contamination, climate change mitigation and adaption and resource use and efficiency. Achieving the standard requires continuous improvement, with measures regularly reviewed and adjusted to maintain certification.

According to Daniele, for Datamars, receiving the ISO14001 certification is fundamentally about helping the company achieve its environmental objectives and manage its responsibilities in a systematic, externally verified and independent way: “We are continually building on our efforts to make a measurable difference to sustainability worldwide. At Datamars we are on an improvement path, and have much more that we want to learn and do. These achievements from our team are great milestones to celebrate along the way,” he says.

With the major Datamars site of North America targeted for ISO14001: 2015 certification during 2022, and New Zealand expected to be verified soon after, it’s a matter of watch this space: “Datamars is firmly committed to playing our role in being part of the sustainability solution. We’re focused on delivering solutions that make a difference to the sustainable productivity of our customers, and we’re also on a journey to do the same from the inside via our own operations”, he says.

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