Bedano, Switzerland, May 08, 2015 – Datamars, a leading global supplier of high performance unique identification solutions specializing in radio frequency identification (RFID), today announced the immediate availability of its newest pocket microchip scanner – COMPACT MAX.

COMPACT MAX can read companion animal microchips that operate on 134.2 kHz FDX-B (ISO 11784/5) as well as 125 kHz FDX-A/Fecava protocols.

Thanks to Datamars’ deep experience in RFID reader design, the COMPACT MAX achieves best in-class reading distance in a compact form factor small enough to fit in your pocket. Usability is
easier than ever, with a clear color display and graphical menu icons. The new scanner can be connected to a PC through a plug and play USB port and can easily transfer microchip codes during or after the reading session, thanks to its internal memory. The COMPACT MAX also features a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can be charged via a wall-mount adapter (included) or directly from a PC using the included USB cable.

“COMPACT MAX is a unique offering among other RFID pet scanners in the market” comments Eran Freiwald, Head of Product Management. “In spite of its pocket-sized design, it has a reading
performance that rivals that of much larger readers on the market, ensuring that the pet’s chip will be picked up quickly, every time. Its versatility, combined with its intuitive user interface and easy code transfer to the PC, should make it a must-have for every vet clinic, shelter and animal control professional.”

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