Strong Organic Growth in Industrial Laundry Sector Shown Year-Over-Year

Woburn, Mass., June 30, 2014 – Datamars, a leading global supplier of high performance unique-identification solutions specializing in RFID today announced that sales momentum for its UHF RFID portfolio for the industrial laundry market continues to achieve significant growth after posting its 2013 and Q1 2014 results, with this trend expected to continue for the balance of the year.

Datamars UHF tag sales continue to rise, and the Company’s UHF portfolio now beats both HF and LF in industrial laundry. “Customers are either adopting RFID for the first time and starting with UHF due to the enormous benefits of unique identification and the low cost-of-entry associated with UHF, or they are looking for combination LF-UHF or HF-UHF solutions to help them transition to the latest RFID technology,” explains Daryl Kuna, vice president of sales for Datamars, Inc.

A strong contributing factor to growth has been the Company’s collaboration with Trimble to sell its ThingMagic® UHF readers as part of its comprehensive UHF asset management and tracking system for industrial laundry applications in the garment rental, healthcare textile, hotel and entertainment textile and party rental industries.

“Customers who utilize UHF RFID can expand productivity benefits into increasing areas of their supply chains. Our collaboration with Datamars allows us to offer our enterprise class, high performance but low cost UHF reader technology to a niche audience complementary to our core customer base,” comments David Emma, vice president of sales, marketing and engineering at ThingMagic. “This collaboration allows us to access the industrial laundry market with focus and expertise.”

Datamars attributes much of its success with UHF RFID to its UHF tag design – the only UHF tag available to the industrial laundry industry that can be heat sealed directly to the textile. With Datamars’ UHF RFID, customers are able to scan entire carts in bulk (soiled or clean) – up to 1000 items in less than 10 seconds. With read ranges of up to 6 meters (approx.19 feet) without requiring a direct line of sight, the increased sensitivity of Datamars’ UHF tag renders unparalleled performance for confined field applications. Bulk-scanning accuracy of 99%+ is easily achieved.

“With UHF RFID, results are directly squared on achieving an indelibly positive customer experience, while simultaneously improving productivity at less cost than ever before,“ comments Brian Zapach, president of Datamars, Inc. “Our comprehensive offering and UHF expertise allows us to deliver options best tailored to the needs of the customer. UHF makes RFID attainable for everyone in industrial laundry. This is an exciting time in the industry; the future is bright!”

Datamars is a pioneer of textile RFID with more than 1000 textile customers in 40 countries and more than 150 million of our LaundryChips in use worldwide.