As part of building Datamars’ position within Brazil and the wider Latin American (Latam) market and expanding our complete and competitive Datamars Livestock offer in the region, Datamars has (as of 30th December 2019) acquired part of local Brazilian company, Fockink.

Datamars CEO Klaus Ackerstaff says the rationale for Datamars to acquire the Fockink tag business was a clear and exciting opportunity.

“Fockink has 70 years’ experience in the Brazilian and Latam agricultural sector.

Their livestock tag manufacturing and sales business is highly successful; currently number two in the Brazilian market and market leader in Paraguay.

Datamars has specifically acquired the manufacturing assets, tag brands and sales structure of the Fockink business. This provides Datamars Brazil with a locally produced livestock ID (tags) solution to underpin the wider offering of Datamars Livestock farm resource and animal management solutions.”

The sale was also seen as a positive opportunity by Fockink, who want to concentrate their efforts and investment on their agricultural infrastructure business (the majority of their business) as opposed to the livestock side.

“We are looking forward to continuing and building on the great success of both companies, now as one team, delivering full livestock solutions to our customers across the region.”

About Fockink Fockink’s main businesses are in metal-mechanics (metallurgic), irrigation, energy production (small hydroelectric and solar panels) and grains thermometry (temperature control of storage grains).