Datamars is pleased to welcome Kevin Coffey as its new Head of Smart Farming.

“Kevin will lead our Smart Farming solutions team, to further accelerate our strategy and support our goals to help transform the sustainability of livestock production through data solutions,” says Daniele Della Libera, Datamars CEO.

As well as guiding the ongoing research and development of our integrated product solutions in this exciting and important area, a key aspect of our strategy is the seamless delivery and ability to stay close to our customers to ensure they are supported to realise the true value of these solutions. Kevin will play an integral part in enabling this partnership and the success of our livestock customers,” says Daniele.

Kevin brings with him extensive experience in the industry as the previous CEO of Munster Bovine, the largest AI, herd recording and herd health testing organisation in Ireland. He also held several roles at Aurivo Co-Operative Society, including: Head of Commercial in their Agribusiness unit, Head of Supply Chain in their Consumer Foods Business and Head of Farm Services in their Dairy Ingredients Business.

“Agriculture is such a key part of everyone’s life, both directly and indirectly, from the food we eat to climate and the environment. The reality is we need intensive farming to ensure that a growing population’s demand for protein and other nutrients are met. The key is that it is done in a sustainable way, for the farmer, the environment and animal welfare”, explains Kevin Coffey, Datamars Head of Smart Farming.

Datamars has the ambition to try and meet these challenges and make a real difference. As a global company working across multiple parts of the value chain in agriculture, we are in a good position to deliver on this. It’s a really exciting time to be joining the team.”

A proud Tipperary and Munster person, Kevin and his family live in the South of Ireland where he lives his love of farming.