Datamars has acquired the farm equipment distribution business of Bentley in the Czech and Slovak markets as of January 2020.

Existing customers of Bentley farm equipment in the region will now be served by Datamars Czech, a newly established branch of Datamars’ existing Slovakian business.

As a result of this new partnership, Datamars is pleased to be able to offer customers more direct contact with the manufacturer of their products as well as a faster response to demand and quicker delivery, thanks to the local Slovakian base.

Datamars are global leaders in delivering integrated product solutions in livestock management, animal health delivery, pet identification and reunification and textile identification. In line with its strong livestock focus, the company recently acquired the assets of the Zeetags and Tru-Test companies, which both have long established relationships with Bentley, having been distributed by the Bentley team for more than 20 years through Central and Eastern Europe.

Datamars manufactures livestock ear tags for the European, Middle East and African markets at its factory in Nitra, Slovakia, which also serves as a local distribution warehouse for Datamars, Tru-Test and Speedrite products. Datamars Czech has been established as a new branch within the existing Datamars Slovakia business.

As all members of the Bentley Czech farm division sales team have joined Datamars Czech, we look forward to continuing our existing relationships and supporting customers and their businesses.

We believe this change builds on the success of Bentley Czech over the last 30 years and enables a deeper commitment to the Central and Eastern Europe markets and the ability to deliver even greater value to our customers.

Bentley Czech retains its laboratory supply companies in Central and Eastern Europe and its commitments to its customers in those markets.