Lugano, Switzerland, May 2010 – Datamars, a leading global supplier of high performance RFID-based solutions announced that it has significantly increased its production capacity of RFID tags.

«Despite difficult economic circumstances around the world, DATAMARS further expanded its business and increased the production capacity significantly due to increasing demand in all its businesses. In addition, we have in-sourced major steps of the production, mainly to increase the flexibility and quality towards our clients», says Mauro Nicola, Chief Production Officer at DATAMARS.

DATAMARS has more than doubled the production floor area as well as the number of employees in its main tag production facility in Lamphun, Thailand and invested in additional production capacity. «The addition of a new business line together with increasing demand of our traditional businesses plus the further in-sourcing has made it necessary to increase production capacity mainly in our facility in Thailand and also at our headquarters in Switzerland» adds Dr. Klaus Ackerstaff, CEO of DATAMARS Group. «These investments in new production machines, an increased footprint in Thailand and Switzerland and the employment of additional people across the board, will allow us to fulfill the growing demand from our existing and future clients and to prepare for further sustainable growth in the coming years» he concludes.