The Datamars team during the June live training event, hosted on the Datamars Livestock Training Academy which focused on lambing, electric fencing and drafting with a Tru-Test XR5000.

The Datamars Livestock Training Academy has strengthened its offerings by launching a new series of live training events for our staff, channel partners and end-user customers.

Scott Davis, Datamars Livestock Technical Specialist (Victoria, Australia) reached out to Moonyeen Greathead, Datamars Digital Customer Education Manager, to bring this series to life.

As a passionate farmer, Scott is well aware of the challenges livestock producers are faced with daily and wanted to provide a solution to help alleviate some of these challenges while also creating useful resources for the Training Academy community.

Meeting both the world’s demand for protein and the environmental challenges we face requires ever greater animal productivity, animal welfare and environmental sensitivity.

“Achieving this means making full use of our deep expertise in farm infrastructure, animal identification, weight based individual animal performance systems, animal health delivery systems, data platforms and insight tools,” highlights Datamars Livestock VP, Verne Atmore. “These training initiatives help us ensure we not only deliver solutions, but work alongside farmers and producers to ensure they’re supported and able to get the real value from our products for better, more timely, more sustainable and more profitable decisions”.

Hosted by Moonyeen and instructed by Scott, the live training events are streamed from the Training Academy once a month on high demand topics to support our end-user and channel partners in an engaging and easily accessible way.

Scott and his wife Rebecca live on a small farm south of Hamilton, Australia, where they run an Angus cattle stud and self-replacing prime lamb operation. With 22 years of rural retail under his belt, Scott has a wealth of farming know-how which he is passionate about sharing through the live training events.

“I work closely with our end-users to build relationships and help them get the most from their Datamars products. The live events provide a great opportunity to share knowledge and innovative ideas to improve on farm production and help livestock producers achieve their targets,” says Scott.

During the live events Scott showcases the capability of the products we produce and how they are utilised day to day around the world – helping farmers make the right decisions at the right time to improve their farming practices.

“We created this resource to support our channel partners and the farming community who were extremely keen to have training and support on how to use our products. Covid-19 has changed the way we think about business and training, and now more than ever we need to support our customers remotely,” explains Moon.

The live training events are recorded and turned into training courses on the Datamars Livestock Training Academy where they can be accessed by anyone at any time, free of charge.

Click over to The Shed on the Datamars Livestock Training Academy – and check out the growing collection of live training events, videos, guides and advice.