LUGANO, Switzerland and WOBURN, Mass., June 4, 2013 – Datamars (, a leading global supplier of high performance RFID today announced the launch of its renewed corporate website – – as part of its 25th anniversary celebration.

The new highlights the Company’s core competencies in the development and production of passive RFID technology, including microchips, readers and antennas. The new design provides enhanced navigation and search capability to make it easier for users to identify their areas of interest to quickly find and download the information they seek. A significant improvement is a mobile version optimized for smart phones and tablets to ensure that users can get updates anytime, anywhere – whether they are collecting or delivering clients’ textiles, patrolling for lost pets or driving the herd.

“The core understanding of the markets we serve allows us to continually innovate and provide unique but simple means to solve the problems our customers face on a daily basis,” comments Dr. Klaus Ackerstaff, chief executive officer at Datamars, SA. “The ability to find creative ways to apply our scientific expertise to these challenges is what excites us. It’s wonderful to have that spirit within our team, and the new website is an exciting resource for both our staff and our customers.”

Since its founding in 1988, Datamars has built a solid foundation of intellectual property specific to the three vertical markets on which it is focused – textile ID, companion animal ID and livestock ID. Major innovations include development of multi-read capabilities for industrial laundry applications, leading to the first bulk textile reading successes in the early 2000s, and development of the first polymer microchips for companion animal identification in 2006. Datamars has been a champion of companion animal welfare since its inception, having pioneered the development of ISO standards 11784 and 11785 first published in 1996. Datamars is the only company in the companion animal ID market focused specifically on RFID innovation for companion animal welfare.

The last five years has seen Datamars focus on growth, both through organic business development and acquisition activity. The future for Datamars is bright, with exciting developments in: slim microchip technology for the benefit of younger and smaller species of companion animals, new microchip scanners specific to the special needs of the animal welfare community and humane law enforcement, UHF technology for the textile ID market, and simplified life-cycle tracking of food-source animals for livestock ID.

In order to strengthen its manufacturing capabilities, in 2007 the Company established a production facility in Thailand, which also secured a regional footprint for its Asian customers. In 2011 Datamars was able to further expand its plastics injection molding capabilities through the acquisition of the animal ID division of Demaplast. The purchase of Rumitag in 2009 provided an entrée in the livestock ID market at a time when EU legislation regarding the mandatory identification of sheep and goats in addition to cattle and pigs was coming into effect. In 2012 North-American livestock ID industry leader Temple Tag joined the Datamars family, solidifying the Company’s position in one of the most important livestock markets globally. Datamars remains the only vertically integrated supplier in the key markets it serves, and maintains an unprecedented level of operational excellence in manufacturing. All research, development and production is done internally.

“At-a-glance it seems simple – what we do is provide a means to track unique identifiers,” continues Ackerstaff. “But having the ability to harness the power of UID tracking and management to enhance business abilities and provide our customers with positive fiscal and efficiency returns on the processes that serve them daily is where our strength lies. We will continue to innovate in order to realize the ideas our customers share with us. The next 25 years will be even more interesting than the first. To get an even better sense of who we are and the passion that drives us, please take a look at the new”.