Accelerating sustainable agriculture to feed and protect our planet is a priority for Datamars but also the mission of a new not-for-profit charitable organisation the company has established.

The new Datamars Sustainability Foundation (DMSF) will operate as an independent entity to support regenerative farming systems and accelerate solutions to challenges the world is facing around food security and climate change.

The DMSF will work with a range of stakeholders in the broader agriculture sector and aims to bridge the gap between science, technology and current agricultural practices to empower farmers and to deliver genuine impact and prosperity globally. This will be achieved by driving projects and initiatives, directly or indirectly, focused education and adoption, collaboration and transparency and ‘innovation to activation’.

As Datamars Sustainability Foundation Chair and acting CEO, Klaus Ackerstaff explains, “There can be no conversation about feeding the planet that does not involve those who grow the food. Sustainable agriculture is critical to addressing climate change and global food security. More help is needed to leverage and accelerate progress and importantly, we must keep farmers at the centre.

“Only by working together will we build a future where farming can sustainably produce a secure and sustainable food supply with improved well-being for all. The Foundation’s intention is to unite efforts to create a measurable and lasting impact to nourish the world’s population sustainably, now and into the future.”

Datamars CEO Daniele Della Libera says the company’s drive to establish an independent foundation embodies Datamars’ dedication to enabling sustainable agriculture on a global scale.

“Our drive also stems from our deep understanding of certain agricultural sectors and our respect for all those who live and work on the land. The world needs farmers more than it ever has and Datamars considers sustainable agriculture a critical means to helping address major global challenges including hunger and poverty, health and wellbeing and climate change.

Della Libera adds, “Our goal at Datamars is to make decisions and deliver solutions today that leave the world in a better place for the future. We are passionate about the positive impact we can have as a company, but the challenges facing our communities and our planet are significant. By establishing the Datamars Sustainability Foundation we are providing a platform for others with the same goal to come together and expand our impact.”

Formally established in 2023, the DMSF is a global reaching non-profit organisation with initial funding from Datamars as its founding sponsor. A board of directors has been established chaired by Klaus Ackerstaff, with members Rory Devlin (Columna Capital) and Bertrand Millot (CDPQ) as well as independent directors. A CEO is being employed to lead the DMSF, reporting to the board. An advisory board will also be established to support the board and the CEO in their decision-making regarding projects to be funded and supported.

For more information visit Datamars Sustainability Foundation and follow the Foundation on LinkedIn