Datamars announced today that it has acquired remote animal monitoring company, HerdInsights. With this strategic move, Datamars accelerates its own research and product development work in livestock performance monitoring; and enhances its ability to deliver data-driven insights to livestock producers on productivity, animal wellbeing and sustainable resource use – enabling better, more informed decisions, and measurable results.

HerdInsights is an exciting young Irish technology company, established in Cork in 2017 from original start up Alanya Ltd. Since then, it has developed and launched a ground-breaking reproductive and health monitoring system for the global dairy industry and represents the first health monitoring solution of its kind for dairy cows. HerdInsights is led by a world-class management team with strong experience across the dairy agricultural sector, global veterinarian industry, and the IT industry. HerdInsights solutions have a particularly strong market presence in the UK, Northern Europe and Australia.

Together, Datamars and HerdInsights represent a unique offering to dairy farmers and livestock producers and this acquisition further strengthens Datamars’ position as the only company worldwide offering customers a complete end-to-end solution from animal identification, to weight based and activity data capture, to cloud-based reporting and insights.

Datamars CEO, Daniele Della Libera, says that the decision to acquire HerdInsights was made in support of dairy farmers and livestock producers who are facing increasing pressures to produce more, with less.

“Throughout the world, the demand for meat and dairy products continues to grow significantly – at the same time as farmers and producers face the competing demands to find more sustainable ways to interact with precious resources such as land and water; deliver greater traceability to consumers; and utilise more targeted animal health practices”, he says.

“HerdInsights joining Datamars combines two teams united in our belief of the power of data to help resolve those competing demands. Together, and via our integrated livestock solutions, we can now deliver an additional layer of data-driven insights to livestock producers”.

HerdInsights CEO, Brian Mulcahy says that joining with Datamars was the obvious choice: “HerdInsights will join Datamars’ broader stable of livestock management solutions where it will immediately be able to take advantage of the scale of Datamars’ global sales and marketing capabilities, and manufacturing and supply chains, expand into new markets, and take the value of HerdInsights to more farmers and producers around the world. It will also benefit from Datamars’ R&D capabilities, leading to further innovation.

“We are particularly excited to combine our industry-leading expertise with that of Datamars so that, together, we can work collaboratively to continue product development and market expansion of the HerdInsights solution; and accelerate further Datamars’ innovation in the area of livestock monitoring and performance across sectors and regions”, he says.

HerdInsights brings to the Datamars Livestock portfolio its well-known remote monitoring system that provides year-round reproductive and health information to dairy farmers, leading to greater efficiencies, improved animal health outcomes, and reductions in costs.

Datamars will become the primary global reseller for the HerdInsights solution which continues to be available as it exists today for dairy farmers.

HerdInsights will be integrated into Datamars over the coming weeks with all 13 HerdInsights employees joining the Datamars team.