Environmental certification huge achievement for DM Thailand

2022-07-06T14:57:42+02:00avril 14th, 2022|Environnement durable|

Datamars Thailand received their ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management certification in September 2021 - the 4th Datamars site to achieve it. “This helps us achieve our environmental objectives and manage our responsibilities in a systematic way” says Daniele Della Libera, Datamars CEO...

Sustainability focus sees over 60% of plastic waste recycled into products

2022-07-06T14:57:57+02:00avril 30th, 2021|Environnement durable|

In our manufacturing plants in Slovakia and Thailand, Datamars has made major strides in the responsible production of plastic products, with over 60% of plastic waste recycled within our manufacturing processes at these two sites during 2020…

Expanding Horizons with Datamars’ Paolo Cicuta

2022-07-06T14:58:09+02:00novembre 30th, 2020|Environnement durable|

Italian born Paolo Cicuta joined Datamars Slovakia as an Injection Molding Specialist four years ago. Now he is on a new adventure in Datamars Brazil, taking on the challenge of opening up our new injection molding plant in Porto Alegre. “If you show potential and seek opportunities, Datamars gives you all the support to help you grow.” says Paolo

Remote WOW powers sustainable livestock production

2022-07-06T14:58:22+02:00octobre 30th, 2020|Environnement durable|

At the Glenforrie Station in Australia, Datamars’ Tru-Test Remote WOW system is helping the Grey family more efficiently and sustainably manage their livestock and resources, by providing the ability to act on individual weight based animal performance information remotely and without human intervention. “It’s making us markedly better animal and land managers.” says Murray Grey

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