Alice Arnoldi

Through our “Spotlight on” series you get to meet some of our amazing employees from around the world and hear what working for Datamars looks like for them.

In this edition we meet Alice Arnoldi, Product Manager – Pet Identification, based in Switzerland.

Tell us about your personal background?

I am Italian and graduated in Biomedical Engineering. I worked in the biomedical environment for several years, and before Datamars I never imagined moving away from that field. But at Datamars I found important challenges in my professional and personal experience, and I can now say joining Datamars was the right move. I currently live in Lugano with my husband Leonardo and my two children, Gabriele, and Bianca.

Tell us about your role at Datamars.

I am Product Manager for Pet Identification, based in the headquarters in Switzerland. I joined Datamars in 2016 and during these years I have had the opportunity to focus on different areas of the business including the livestock identification and readers’ product portfolio, and now the pet portfolio. The company has changed significantly over the last six years, and I have to admit I am enjoying this journey. We dramatically expanded the area of the solutions we can offer and how we can be effective in the market.

In Pet Identification we deal with companion animal identification and reunification solutions. When pets get lost, pet owners are incredibly stressed. When I read the stories of pet owners reunified to their beloved pets, I am always impressed by the incredible value of the service we offer.

What is the main focus of your role—what does a day in the life look like?

In my role as product manager, I follow product development activities and I’m responsible for the lifecycle management at the global level of our product portfolio. We constantly also receive sales and customers’ requests that should be addressed. To do all of that I need to check on a daily basis with people from different departments, from sales to production, from R&D to supply chain, from quality to finance. Which is fun and one of the best parts of my job.

What was it that attracted you to Datamars?

In Datamars your job has a real impact, and you can see things happening. We have the know-how, we have the experience, we are global, and we are serving customers all around the world. When I joined the company, I thought it was for me a really good opportunity to learn and grow.

How do you experience the Datamars purpose to ‘make a measurable difference’?

Making a measurable difference reflects my commitment in adding value to the things I do on daily basis. It’s about having pride in what we do and the energy to lead our markets, developing new innovative products or supporting our customers in the best way possible.

Have you had the opportunity to work with Datamars employees and teams from other regions and countries?

Our Pet Identification organization has amazing people spread in different countries. We work together to achieve common goals and even if we don’t meet in person often, we are a great team.

Outside of work-life, what’s one thing we’ll never see you do?

You will never see me singing publicly! I would be too embarrassed!