As part of our Datamars ‘Spotlight On’ series, Juliette Banks, Communications Manager, caught up with Davide Mazzarella, Injection Molding Technician, based in Slovakia.

Tell us about your personal background
I grew up in Ivrea, a town in the province of Turin, in Italy. I studied advertising graphics at school even though I felt it would not be my way for the future. When I graduated, it was not easy to choose what to do in my life due also to the few job opportunities in my region. I never thought I would have to leave my country but working for Datamars in a foreign country (Slovakia) is the best life experience I have had until now.

Tell us about your role at Datamars
My current role is injection-molding technician. I love this job for its flexibility, every day is different from the previous one, with multiple opportunities to learn and improve myself, with new processes or problems, and the opportunity to compare myself with more experienced colleagues and in different roles and when possible, learn something about their work but still very useful in mine too.

What is the main focus on your role – what does a day in the life look like?
At the beginning of the shift, I meet with the shift leader and production manager to discuss how things went on the previous shift and plan the activities, accordingly, including preventive measures. If any problems still continue, I plan their solution and intervene. Then I can focus on production changes such as mold changes, version changes, or colour changes.

Once a production change has been completed, I work with the quality department to make sure the piece produced complies both aesthetically and functionally with the guidelines dictated by quality. Also, I make sure there are no other problems with the quality or high production cycle time across the whole department.

What was it that attracted you to Datamars?
The size and multicultural nature of Datamars were attractive to me. Also, the opportunity to start from the bottom, learn many things about the various roles and grow and improve our performance together.

How do you experience the Datamars purpose to “make a measurable difference”?
For me, it is very important to do everything necessary to make a difference both individually and working as a team. I think that to make a difference it is necessary to start from the small things and step by step improve our performance in its most complete aspect. An example in my work is to reduce the defects of the pieces produced, even if these defects are tolerable. Or to improve the production times although in most cases they are already at optimal levels.

Have you had the opportunity to work with Datamars employees and teams from other regions and countries?
I work with many colleagues from other countries. Working in Slovakia, I am a foreigner, and there is full cooperation and mutual respect combined with the will to improve together on every occasion.

Outside of work-life, what’s one thing we’ll never see you do?
Bungee jumping! I like the idea of constantly trying to improve and overcome difficulties, but this is too extreme for me.