The Datamars Sustainability Foundation (DMSF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jessica Villat as CEO.

Jessica brings a deep passion for and an extensive background in sustainability and regenerative agriculture, combined with diverse experience across international markets, communities and sectors.

“I feel deeply honoured to join DMSF; the foundation’s dedication to farmers resonates profoundly with my journey. Shaped by the rural systems of my childhood in France, California and beyond, and driven by a curiosity across history, I’ve been fortunate to witness the rich tapestry of agricultural landscapes. Farmers’ voices from diverse cultures and backgrounds inspire me to cultivate regenerative practice worldwide. Living soil, as the beating heart of our shared ecosystem, nurtures symbiotic relationships and fosters economic, social, ecological, and cultural resilience for farmers and communities everywhere.” says Jessica.

Datamars established the DMSF in 2023 as an independent, not-for-profit global charitable organisation that aims to accelerate sustainable agriculture. Its mission is to advance sustainable food production and farming systems through a collaborative and farmer-centred approach.

Jessica is strongly connected to the DMSF purpose. She also brings the proven ability to turn purpose into action in ways that bring people together to enable genuine, measurable change.

“Jessica has experience across environmental conservation, agriculture, finance, risk management, culture, media and education sectors. This, combined with her time spent living and working in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, helps her bring an understanding of the diversity and complexities we face as a global agricultural sector, as well as the opportunities.” explains Klaus Ackerstaff, Chairman of DMSF.

We’re delighted to see this important step for the DMSF.  Learn more about the Foundation at and stay in the loop by following the DMSF LinkedIn page.