Datamars Livestock is super-charging its support of the Rural Support Trust in New Zealand and its national Time Out Tour for farmer well-being at a time when it’s needed most by contributing funds from each sale of its limited-edition solar energizer.

The Tour is fronted by former TV presenter turned sheep and beef farmer, Matt Chisholm who is currently speaking at 20 rural community events across New Zealand on the topic of mental wellness and resilience. As well as raising awareness for mental wellness and resilience, the Tour plays an important role in helping to normalise mental health challenges and provide direct avenues for support and assistance within our rural communities.

Nick De Ridder, Head of Sales for Datamars Livestock in New Zealand says the company began supporting the Trust and the Time Out Tour last year after signing a three-year partnership agreement. Now it is super-charging that support with a limited-edition activation through PGG Wrightson and Rural Co.

“This year, to bring further awareness to the Tour, and to raise more funds for the Rural Support Trust, we’ve developed a limited edition S500 Integrated Solar Energiser that is being sold through PGG Wrightson and Rural Co. For every unit sold, Datamars Livestock is donating NZ$50 to the Trust to support the great work they’re doing to help farmers through the good and the not so good times like many have unfortunately experienced this year.”

De Ridder says Datamars Livestock is proud to be supporting the great work the Rural Support Trust provides as part of its commitment to support thriving rural communities and the people that live in them.

“As a business and a team, we’re working closely in and alongside the rural communities every day and we want to support the sector and people that are so important to us. Sadly, some people are experiencing mental health challenges, through no fault of their own, and they don’t reach out to others due to fear of being treated differently or placing a burden on their family and friends,” De Ridder adds. “But as Sir John Kirwan has said, there is a way through depression (and other illnesses) and the Rural Support Trust has robust systems to enable this along with facilitators trained to recognise the signs of stress and support people in a caring, confidential and compassionate manner.

“The talk that Matt delivers on the Time Out Tour is also very powerful and I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to attend to do so,” De Ridder adds. “I personally have got a lot out of it, and I know other team members of ours who have attended have felt the same.”

Rural Support Trust National Council member Mike Green says he and the Trust members are grateful for Datamars Livestock’s support of the Time Out Tour alongside other partners namely Bayleys, ANZ, Fonterra, BDO and MPI.

“We’re delighted to have Datamars Livestock supporting the Trust and the addition of a $50 donation from the sale of each limited edition Speedrite S500 Integrated Solar Energiser’s will further help the critical work we’re doing in delivering the Time Out Tour to rural communities across the country.”

The limited edition S500 Integrated Solar Energiser is suitable for all types of farming and powers up to 5km of fencing. It’s portable and easy to use and more powerful than comparable energizers with 0.5 J output and 0.65 J stored energy. It comes with leads for connecting to existing fencing and a rechargeable internal battery. The energizer also mounts easily onto an existing steel or a wooden post and offers reliable, year-round performance in all weather conditions.

Datamars Livestock limited edition S500 Integrated Solar Energiser

Time Out Tour frontman, Matt Chisholm

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