Agtrac, the agricultural service provider that Datamars owns 51% of, developed a solution encompassing Datamars Livestock software, readers and training to accurately and effortlessly test and track animals for tuberculosis disease in New Zealand.

On-behalf of OSPRI, AsureQuality tested over 2.6 million animals in a year. Datamars was the only provider able to provide a streamlined solution at scale, within the required timeframe that had both hardware and software solutions, as well ongoing training and technical support for AsureQuality’s 150+ technicians. AsureQuality first adopted Datamars Livestock cloud software. The Datamars Livestock app was used to sync data to the cloud and staff log in to check animal results. If an animal has a positive result, Agtrac can quickly reference the EID (electronic identification) to see when and where the animal was sampled. AsureQuality instantly saw gains in productivity once the Datamars Livestock solution was adopted to track OSPRI’s TBFree programme, including a significant reduction in labour hours.