Livestock Identification

Our livestock ID portfolio, which now includes industry leaders Temple Tag, QuickTag and Zee Tags, can greatly improve livestock tracking and identification processes to assist with traceability and disease control for the farming, ranching, feedlot and animal harvest industries. Unique ID systems for livestock management – including RFID – simplify full life cycle tracking of food source animals and facilitate daily data collection for accurate, simplified recording. Unique ID systems make it easier to track animals from birth to harvest in compliance with food safety and traceability regulations. As a leader in livestock identification, we offer field and weather-friendly solutions to help monitor animals and easily manage livestock data to help cattlemen and farmers monitor and maximize the performance of their animals and increase profits thanks to faster identification, faster management, and error-free control.


Conventional or visual ear tags, made from a durable and flexible plastic, are laser marked according to the customer’s needs. Datamars visual ear tags are available in multiple sizes in just about any color as circular, flag or triangular tags. Visual ear tags offer simple, man-readable identification. Electronic or EID tags contain half duplex (HDX) or full duplex (FDX) RFID microchips and can be read with portable or mountable chute/sweep/race/gate readers suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

The Datamars bolus is a ceramic capsule containing a half duplex (HDX) or full duplex (FDX) RFID microchip. RFID codes can be read independently of the position of the microchip inside the animal, whether the animal is stationary or in motion. The bolus is implanted orally and settles in the rumen (second stomach) of the animal.

Visual and electronic ear tags, as well as boluses can be used in combinations to suit any national or independent identification and tracking requirements.