Slide Animal Health Delivery Systems

As demand for animal protein continuously increases, producing it efficiently while managing growing concern for animal wellbeing, the impact of farming on the environment and antibiotic resistance, makes careful management of animal health more desirable than ever before.

We partner with the animal health industry globally to provide veterinarians and farmers with solutions for safer and more effective administration of animal vaccines and pharmaceuticals – meeting needs for animal welfare, operator safety and maximisation of animal health and wellbeing.

These solutions have the potential to be integrated with our wider livestock management platform to enable further enrichment of data for our customers.

Our product solutions have a well earned reputation for innovation, accuracy and reliability and are used by all of the world’s leading animal health companies.

Our solution

Needle guarded
Dual barrelled
Tube fed and bottle mounted
Semiautomatic repeaters

Topical pour on
Oral drenchers
Bolus applicators

Speciality packaging
Closure and dispensing caps
Upright draw offs
Injectable draw offs

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