Datamars S-ID software is designed to work specifically with Datamars companion animal and livestock readers to help simplify data transfer and reader management associated with electronic animal identification.

S-ID sports a simple, intuitive interface with a wizard to help streamline the setup process. S-ID will automatically detect which Datamars reader is attached and will then display the appropriate functions and options. S-ID will help with data transfer to computer or application, and will also be the interface for downloadable updates and upgrades.



  • Simple, intuitive interface makes S-ID easy to use out-of-the-box
  • Simplifies reader update and upgrade process
  • Provides easy to use data management tools and helps with data organization
  • Connects to the PetLink database and Petmaxx search engine


  • Automatically checks for software and reader updates
  • Data management functions, including browsing, downloading, editing, export of .csv and .xml, and data deletion
  • Backup and restore function
  • Quick connection with Datamars pet databases and search engines worldwide
  • Can be used to send remote commands to the reader (ex.: remote start of microchip reading)